What Is The Full Form Of FIR?

What Is The Full Form Of FIR?

FIR: First Information Report

First Information Report is what FIR stands for. It is a written record that the police make when they hear about a crime that they can know about.

Usually, the victim or someone else on his or her behalf files a complaint. When the police register the FIR, they also give the victim or the person who filed the FIR a signed copy. It is against the law for police to refuse to file an FIR.

An FIR is a very important piece of paper because it helps the criminal justice system work. The Police can’t start their investigation until the FIR is filed. Once an FIR is filed, its content can’t be changed unless the High Court or the Supreme Court of India says so.

How do I fill out an FIR?

When filing an FIR report, there are only a few steps that need to be taken.
• When you go to a police station to file an FIR against the victim or on his behalf, the officer onboard has to file the written complaint orally, based on what the victim or person filing the FIR says. • If you file a complaint, you have the right to listen to the FIR recorder by the officer on duty and make sure that all the details are correct to the best of your knowledge.
• Once everything has been checked, you need to sign the FIR to say that all the information is correct.
• People who want to file an FIR but can’t read or write have their left thumbprints taken as proof that they agree with the report.
• If you file an FIR, you can keep a copy for your records. It’s against the law for an officer to say no, so they have to give you a free copy of the FIR.

What Is The Full Form Of FIR?

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