What Is The Full Form Of GOOGLE?

What Is The Full Form Of GOOGLE?

GOOGLE: Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth

What is meant by GOOGLE?

The name Google is one that no one needs an introduction to in today’s technological world. GOOGLE is derived from the term “googol”, which means a considerable number, or a number followed by a digit followed by 100 zeros.

GOOGLE is also known as the Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth, another popular complete form. Apart from these definitions, according to a dictionary, Google word may also be used as a verb. GOOGLE refers to the act of searching online for relevant information.

There are several subsidiaries of Google, a multinational company or organization based in the United States. Search engine Google is widely known for being the most popular and trustworthy search engine globally. Currently, Google is the largest search engine. However, it is also responsible for other notable products such as Gmail, YouTube, Adwords, and Adsense, which are dominant in their respective markets.

The primary services provided by Google include the following: online advertising technology, search engines, software, cloud computing, hardware, etc.

An overview of Google’s history

The first version of Google was launched as an exploratory project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996 while both were PhD students at Stanford University. In addition, they created PageRank to determine the relevance of a site. On 14 September 1997, the domain name google.com was registered, and one year later, in September 1998, the Google Corporation was established.

In 2000, Google began selling advertisements, and as a result, Google Adwords/AdSense was created. These ads are based on a compensation per click model; for example, you will be compensated for your promotion if someone clicks on your advertisement links. In September 2001, PageRank became a protected term. During the year, Larry Page stepped down as Google’s CEO, and Eric Schmidt was named the company’s new leader.

  • Google launched its free electronic mail administration, Gmail, in 2004.
  • Google Earth and Google Maps were released in 2005.
  • A second pursuit device, Google Video, was introduced in 2006. Through this device, clients could browse the internet in search of recordings.
  • Google introduced Android in 2007, an open-source platform for mobile devices.
  • This program was launched on September 2, 2008.

Reasons Why Google Is The Best Search Engine 

When we, or most agencies, speak about search, we generally refer to the search engine Google. We frequently receive questions regarding why Google is the search engine of choice for both customers and agencies, so we thought we would write a blog explaining why it is such a popular choice.

First, let’s examine why users use Google… I have broken this article down into easily digestible parts since this topic is quite lengthy.


In general, Google returns more accurate results faster than other search engines. The engine can deliver millions of results in less than a second. This is due to their technical infrastructure, which is superior to the other engines. A fire once broke out at one of Google’s server warehouses, and although everything in the warehouse was destroyed physically, the service was not impacted.


Google indexes a more significant number of sites than any other search engine. It picks up new sites faster than any other search engine, which allows you to access the latest news and most recent sites and loads more sites in general. According to technical calculations, you should obtain a better result if you have more options to choose from.

Tools and platforms

Comparing the advertising sections of these search engines (Google Ads/Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads)), there are no comparable options. Google is years ahead of the competition. Google allows you to create something within minutes, whereas other platforms can take hours or days to set up. Additionally, Google provides many tools to use, including Analytics and Webmaster Tools. They do not provide details and leave us to figure out how to adapt accordingly.


Search engines such as Google are highly sophisticated in their algorithm. The company should be better at identifying which sites are relevant and which ones are not – especially with constant updates to their algorithms to keep up with changing digital behaviours. There are numerous data pie charts that Google has access to that other search engines do not. As a result, they can make more informed decisions with more data, and it is somewhat unsettling when they can know what you are about to type before you do!


It is essential not to overlook this aspect of Google. The search engine is ubiquitous. They have not really advertised their search offering before, and they do not advertise it now, but they do advertise many of their other services, all of which are Google-based… so you hear the name a lot. I am not sure I agree with their motto, “Don’t be evil”. I will elaborate on this in a future post/rant.


Having reached the position of Google Premier Partner, we can access a wide range of benefits and resources that can benefit our clients and partners. The customer service offered by Google is remarkable. 

Market share

86% of the UK’s population uses Google, so it makes sense to put your effort into the company that dominates the market since you are more likely to receive a better return on your investment.

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What Is The Full Form Of GOOGLE?

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