What Is The Full Form Of ITI?

ITI – Industrial Training Institutes

What is ITI?

Industrial Training Institute stands for ITI. Under the name Trades, it has a number of courses. Each trade focuses on a different set of skills that are needed in that industry. Depending on the course and the student’s skills, the course can last anywhere from six months to three years. Check out the ITI courses after 10th and 12th grade listed below.

ITI, or the Industrial Training Institutes, are run by the DGET (Directorate General of Employment and Training) and give vocational training to students who want to take ITI courses after the 12th. The goal of these classes is to get students to start small businesses and find jobs. Also, candidates can start their own workshops by taking technician or stitching courses.

The main goal of the ITI’s vocational centers is to teach students skills that will help them get jobs and train them to do tasks that are specific to their industry. ITI centers also help Indian industries find people to work for them. India has a number of private and government ITI training centers where students can learn.

How do you qualify for ITI tests?

A candidate must be at least 14 years old and have finished class 10 in science for engineering and technical trades and class 8 for non-technical trades in order to be eligible for these exams. No one is turned away because they are too old.

Depending on the course, students can choose between one-year and two-year courses. The number of people who want to take these courses has gone up because they can help people get jobs more quickly than traditional graduation courses.


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