What Is The Full Form Of RAM?

What Is The Full Form Of RAM?

What Is The Full Form Of RAM?

RAM: Random Access Memory

The RAM in your computer is a volatile memory, which means that if you turn it off, the data is lost. RAM is the primary storage of a computer or smartphone. It is capable of storing and erasing data. Data and applications are currently being used on a device.

They are being loaded into RAM from hard drives because memory loads data much faster than hard drives. As your RAM capacity increases, your computer speed will increase accordingly. Random access is a data storage method that allows users to read and write data from any single byte.

Types of RAM

There are two broad categories of RAM:


DRAM is much faster but costs more than static RAM. It often serves as cache memory. Static RAM provides information that is not permanent. Each transistor stores six bits of information.

DRAM: Dynamic 

SRAM is faster than RAM. Data is stored in DRAM using a transistor and capacitor pair. It is less expensive than flash memory, but it is not nonvolatile.

History of RAM

The Williams tube was used in 1947 to produce the first type of RAM. The CRT, or Cathode Ray Tube, was used, and information was stored on the face of the tube by way of electrical charge spots. Magnetic-core memory, a second commonly used type of RAM, was introduced in 1947, featuring small metal rings & wires connecting to all the rings.

One bit of data is stored in every one of those rings and can be retrieved at any moment using smaller components like transistors. However, in 1968, Robert Dennard discovered RAM (or solid-state memory), which is now known as DRAMs (or dynamic random access memories).

Advantages of RAM

  • RAM is both able to read and write like a disk.
  • SSDs outperform HDDs in performance but are also significantly more affordable.
  • RAM can provide a significant boost when it comes to PC speed
  • CPU can access data quicker in RAM because of this

Disadvantages of RAM

  • RAM is volatile – so it can’t store data for long
  • RAM is not a very secure kind of data storage
  • Memory prices have risen, so it is not good to buy RAM.
  • One of the potential problems with writing data to both RAM and cache simultaneously is the higher amount of time that both types of storage must be accessed.

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What Is The Full Form Of RAM?

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